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I am from East Tennessee. I live in the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains with my husband and 2 children, my Granmother,(who has now gone to Heaven) and 3 doggies, 2 kitties, and a hamster.(sadly Hammie and 1 kitty have went to Heaven with Gran) I enjoy cross stitching which is my escape from the real world. Think I need it? LOL

Thursday, June 7, 2007

It has been a minute since I have posted. I have not gotten very much stitching done lately. My Great Aunt passed away and we attended her funeral over the weekend. I am still playing catch up with the house. We are remodeling Autumn's room...well painting it a different color and trying to make her feel more her age. She has sooooo many toys , I am trying to get her to weed thru some of them and give some away. She sold most of her Bratz collection and bought herself a nice CD player and a CD rack along with a DVD rack for her room. I was so proud. I will have to post pics of her room when it is finished. I would post the befores, but I would simply die of embarrassment. I did manage to finish my first square on Catherine's RR. I still have one more to do. I have also got to do a bookmark, towel and now a magnet all for exchanges I am in. I just made my first flat-fold tonight. It was rather easy. I'll post a pic of it soon too.
Hope everyone is well. I think I will go sleep awhile.
Night all!

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