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I am from East Tennessee. I live in the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains with my husband and 2 children, my Granmother,(who has now gone to Heaven) and 3 doggies, 2 kitties, and a hamster.(sadly Hammie and 1 kitty have went to Heaven with Gran) I enjoy cross stitching which is my escape from the real world. Think I need it? LOL

Friday, June 8, 2007

Barely Stitching

I think I am in a stitching slump. I really want to..I really do! I just can't seem to get the time.
Gran has been driving me crazy and I have been having some really bad headaches lately so I can't really see much to stitch. Hopefully, this weekend though. I haven't completed any of my weekly projects. Maybe I can carry them over to next week. Guess I will have to!
Autumn and Shawn are going on the annual fishing derby tomorrow. It is great to know that I have a husband that will take the time to take his DAUGHTER fishing. Most guys I know will only do that sort of thing with their boys. Well, our boy doesn't care about fishing..He is more into girls and football! LOL. He is growing up I guess.
Til tomorrow...or whenever...HA! Bye**


Mel said...

Hi there, i've just discovered your blog.
I get in stitching slumps. I find doing something relatively quick helps me a lot.
Its great to see a father taking his daughter fishing. My dad never would. Luckily my hubby takes me now and loves having me there on the boat with him

Crazy X-Stitcher Etc said...

I saw your magnet finish on the SMO board....care to show the back pic? Thank you so much.

Jen said...

Hey Mel,
DH loves taking DD fishing. DS(14) will go with him from time to time but not often. I am very lucky that DH loves our kids and is a great father. Have fun with your hubby and the boat! That is one thing on "our" family wish list.:)...still in a semi stitching slump.

RE: the SMO magnet..I'll get ya that pic and PM it to you! Thanks for asking! Hugs!