About Me

I am from East Tennessee. I live in the beautiful Great Smokey Mountains with my husband and 2 children, my Granmother,(who has now gone to Heaven) and 3 doggies, 2 kitties, and a hamster.(sadly Hammie and 1 kitty have went to Heaven with Gran) I enjoy cross stitching which is my escape from the real world. Think I need it? LOL

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Some recent finishes

Lately I have been working on Halloween finishes. I am also working on some Christmas ornaments for exchanges I am in and some Round Robins.

Here is a picture of my latest finish. It is Holey Sheet by Poppy Kreations.I used glow in the dark floss by DMC for both of the ghosts.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New and Refreshed!

Yea Right! I have gotten a few things done since my last post along with getting over a stomach virus. I still don't feel quite myself but I feel ALOT better than this past weekend. I have completed the towel for an exchange I am in. I will post pics of all my completions to date tonight. Right now, I am "supervising" my daughters job. She is assisting in babysitting our cousins. ( She gets paid for this) She loves to do it but is glad when its over. The children are 1,3,8,9. The older ones are more play buddies but its the 1 yr old that she loves to "play" with. She's great with kids. Off to clean the kitchen..provided I can!

Friday, June 8, 2007

Barely Stitching

I think I am in a stitching slump. I really want to..I really do! I just can't seem to get the time.
Gran has been driving me crazy and I have been having some really bad headaches lately so I can't really see much to stitch. Hopefully, this weekend though. I haven't completed any of my weekly projects. Maybe I can carry them over to next week. Guess I will have to!
Autumn and Shawn are going on the annual fishing derby tomorrow. It is great to know that I have a husband that will take the time to take his DAUGHTER fishing. Most guys I know will only do that sort of thing with their boys. Well, our boy doesn't care about fishing..He is more into girls and football! LOL. He is growing up I guess.
Til tomorrow...or whenever...HA! Bye**

Thursday, June 7, 2007

It has been a minute since I have posted. I have not gotten very much stitching done lately. My Great Aunt passed away and we attended her funeral over the weekend. I am still playing catch up with the house. We are remodeling Autumn's room...well painting it a different color and trying to make her feel more her age. She has sooooo many toys , I am trying to get her to weed thru some of them and give some away. She sold most of her Bratz collection and bought herself a nice CD player and a CD rack along with a DVD rack for her room. I was so proud. I will have to post pics of her room when it is finished. I would post the befores, but I would simply die of embarrassment. I did manage to finish my first square on Catherine's RR. I still have one more to do. I have also got to do a bookmark, towel and now a magnet all for exchanges I am in. I just made my first flat-fold tonight. It was rather easy. I'll post a pic of it soon too.
Hope everyone is well. I think I will go sleep awhile.
Night all!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Been a bit

It has been a bit since my last post. I have had alot going on. My Great Aunt passed away on May 30th. She had been struggling a battle with diabetes and heart complications. She really went down hill fast. My Gran doesn't know yet. She was her sister. I don't think I will tell Gran. I'm afraid of how she will react. I have managed to get some stitching in. I completed Patriotic Flip Flops by SanMan Originals. I recently joined the message board there and I am IN LOVE! It is awesome! Sandy's charts are sooooooo cute. I can't say enough! I think I might have to change my " To Do List" and add more SMO charts.
On another note..I also finished a piece for an RR that I am doing with America's Best Round Robin. These ladies are wonderful and such a joy to work with! I also recieved a gift this past week from my friend Becca. She made me a stitch by LizzieKate. It is soooooo cute and just what I needed to lift my spirits a bit. I will post pics on here this weekend. It is late and I have to get ready for tomorrow and the funeral.
Off to bed I go!
*No stitching tonight* :(

Thursday, May 24, 2007

5:30 am Intro

Well, there is a reason why I named this blog "Night Owl's Stitching".
Needless to say that is the time I do most of my stitching. I am a SAHM of 2, a wife of 1 for 16 years ;) and a 24, 7 day a week caregiver of my ailing Granmother whom has alzheimers. We all live in the beautiful Smokey Mountians in East Tennessee. I started cross stitching when I was 15. I lost interest as life took me by the hand but picked it back up full force when we moved in with Gran 2 years ago. I joined a great message board
http://www.123stitch.com where I have met lots of new friends! I guess you can say I am an addict! I love collecting as well as stitching. Stitching has become my form of relaxation and I love watching my project come to life. I stitch mainly at night since my Gran loves to sleep all day and stay up all night. Hence forth the name...Night Owl's Stitching!